The Aerodynamics and Acoustics Facility (AAF) is one of the University's central research facility, which aims to support the research and development needs of local researchers, as well as those in the private sector. The facility provides unique aerodynamic and acoustic laboratories that are one-of-a-kind in Hong Kong, for performing large-scale experiments and provides other types of specialist services, such as large-scale numerical simulations and engineering consultation.



  • Acoustic lab development

    Development of brand-new large acoustic testing laboratories.

  • 2020

    Official naming as AAF

    The facility is officially named as Aerodynamics and Acoustics Faciility (AAF)

  • Commissioning of the wind tunnel

    The brand new state-of-the-art low-noise wind tunnel was commissioned in October 2019

  • 2019


    Redevelopment with a state-of-the-art low-noise wind tunnel and world-class acoustic testing laboratories.

  • 2018

    Research and consultant projects

    WWTF has been working on consultant and research projects mainly for Hong Kong and produce a number of research students since the facility was established.

  • 2000

    First opening of WWTF

    The WWTF facility was first opened by the Hon. Tung Chee Hwa, Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, the Chancellor of HKUST, and the Hon. Michael D. Kadoorie, Chairman of CLP Holdings, on the 9th of June, 2000.