Acoustic Laboratory


HKUST approved the development of brand-new state-of-the-art acoustic testing facilities as part of the overall redevelopment project. The acoustic testing laboratory is composed of a reverberation chamber and anechoic chamber, placed side-by-side. This configuration allows each chamber to be used separately, and also in a combined manner, for example for sound transmission experiments. 

Anechoic Chamber Dimensions 8.1 m (L) x 6 m (W) x 5.1 m (H) 
5.7 m (H) when configured as a semi-anechoic chamber.
Reverberation Chamber Dimensions 6.5 m (L) x 7.6 m (W) x 5 m (H)
Transmission Window Dimensions  2.4 m (W) x 1.7 m (H)
Certification Standard ISO 3745
Cut-off Frequency  100 Hz

The tyes of research applied in this facility are:

1) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) propeller and fuselage aeroacoustics
2) Acoustic metamaterial research and development
3) Fundamental acoustics and aeroacoustics research 
4) Acoustic sensor and measurement technology development